STC Cessna 180, 182
    • Cessna 180 with 2-blade MTV-15
    • Cessna 180 with 2-blade MTV-15

STC - Data

  • Type of Aircraft: C180, 182

  • FAA STC: SA02294CH (issued March 23, 2007)
  • ANAC Brazil STC: CHST 2009S03-06
    (both STCs are held by by Flight Resource LLC Phone: 866-717-1117)

  • Applicable Aircraft: Cessna 180, 182
  • Engines: Continental engines O-470 (K, L, R, S, U)
  • Propeller: MTV-9-D/210-58 (3-blade)
    or MTV-15-D/210-58 (2-blade)

  • Advantages:
    (according to Flight Resource, LLC.)
  • Best vibration damping characteristics
  • Bonded on stainless steel leading edge for best erosion
    protection of the blades
  • Shorter take-off distance
  • Improved rate of climb performance
  • Increased cruise performance
  • No restricted propeller rpm ranges
  • Unlimited blade life
  • FOD repairable blades

more information about the STC (.pdf 200k)
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