STC Conversion of
Diamond DV20, DA20
  • Diamond DA 20 with 2-blade MTV-21
  • Diamond DV20 with 2-blade MTV-21

STC - Data

  • Type of Aircraft: DV20, DA20

  • EASA: 10057773 (issued April 13,  2016)

  • Applicable Aircraft: Diamond DV20 (EASA-A439) and
    DA20 (EASA.IM.A223):
    -DV20-80 -DV20-100 -DA20-A1 -DA-20 (80hP)
  • Engines: Conversion to Rotax 912iSc3 Sport injection engine
  • Propeller: Conversion to MTV-21-A / 170-05 or
    MTV-21-A / 175-05
  • Cockpit: Installation of a EMU 912iS Engine Monitoring Unit
    ( (TFT Display)

  • Advantages:
  • Reduced fuel consumption of about 3.5 liters/hour car gasoline
  • Increased range (approx. 5 hours at 2260rpm and 22inHg)
  • Increased performance with MT-Propeller and Rotax
    912iS engine (7-10kts) compared to the 100hP carburetor engine
    and the competitors propeller
  • Financial aircraft value enhancement with state of the art engine
  • Best vibration damp ing characteristics for almost vibration free
    propeller operation
  • Stainless steel propeller leading edge for best erosion protection
    of the blades
  • Highest noise level fullfilled with the 170-05 blades and the exhaust
    muffler according to the strict German noise regulations 2010 –
    “Landeplatz Lärmschutz Verordnung” for unrestricted airport
    operations in Germany and other European Countries
  • FOD repairable lightweight natural composite MT-Propeller blades
    with unlimited Propeller blade life
  • Milled single piece threadless aluminum hub
  • Eliminated carburetor icing
  • State of the art Engine Monitoring Unit Display with advanced
    pilot features
  • 55m reduced ground roll distance (asphalt)

more information about the STC (.pdf 113k)