MT-Propeller Testimonials

Customer Feedback

Beech King Air with Whisper Props Gday Chip, Very happy with them, our goal was to significantly reduce cabin noise and change the flight experience in a TurboProp, I’ve had people on the ramp notice how quiet they are and in the cabin I could literally fly the plane with the old handset and cockpit speakers without a headset.
I now have to close the Cockpit partition if the passengers want to have a quiet conversation because I can hear everything they’re saying from the cockpit and vice versa if they don’t want to hear cockpit chatter.
I also fly a King Air 350 that has the 4 bladed factory Hartzel Metal props, after going from our 90 into the 350 I actually find the 350 a little obnoxious for noise now, never thought I’d say that.
I have also noticed I’m less fatigued with the Whisper Props and I’d put these on any King Air I fly.

Regards, Darrel W.

American Champion After years of experience with MT Propellers I am nothing but full of praise.
I have been operating them all over the world - in all sorts of climate.
In harsh arctic, as well as in desert or tropical environment.
Needless to say, that many runways were either unpaved or non existent.

Performance and reliability has always been outstanding.
The after-sales service and support was excellent.
If light maintenance was due, all that was needed is studying the service book and than do it yourself.
If remote support was needed from far away places like the jungles of Borneo, a ring via SAT Phone brought me in contact with the service engineer - problem solved.

Many thanks to the entire MT team Your props pulled me places ….

Stefan Mommertz N314M / N6275E

American Champion

PC-12 with MTV-27 Martin,
What a transformation!
The noise level reduction inside the plane is dramatic and outside it sounds more like a jet than a turboprop.

Major increase in climb rate, still need to do some more testing at typical loads but we hit FL 280 in 13 min yesterday with full fuel and 6 full size men.

We are loving the propeller thanks a bunch for all your help.
Very happy.


Jim H.

Kodiak 100 with MTV-27 Thanks to MT-Propeller

our Kodiak flies smoother, take off shorter and looks better.
I can only recommend this exchange to all Kodiak owners.

Best regards
Ernst Gostner

Mooney M20J with MTV-12 Hallo Herr Albrecht,

Nach ca. 25h mit dem neuen MTV-12-B möchte ich Ihnen heute ein Feedback geben.

Wie schon meine Erfahrungen bei der Aerostar und TBM mit Ihren Propellern, bin ich wieder einmal von Ihrem Produkt begeistert!


Safety is no accident!

Walter Adam

Airtractor with MTV-27 We have it working fires in Utah.
Its installed on our heaviest aircraft (Two Seat) and is working along side one of our Lightest. It consistently out climbs the Hartzell.
The fuel burn seem to be better at the same speeds. We will keep notes and give you a report at the end of the Season. Im trying to get some pics of the prop in action. Do you have any estimate on the FAA STC? Air Tractor is trying to figure out a way to get them on our two new aircraft that will be produced in October and December.
Also any progress with the Fire Boss folks?

Thanks Darrin Henry

Cessna Turbo-RG Skylane Martin,

I want to thank you and the team at MT Propeller and Warner Propeller Service for the quick resolution to the fit problem of the MTV-9 propeller onto my 1980 Turbo-RG Skylane. I am very pleased with the final spinner to cowling fit, which now ranges from 12mm to 15mm.

I test flew the plane yesterday at 8,000 and 12,000 feet MSL. Climb to altitude seemed similar to the 2-blade McCauley propeller but it is very hard to duplicate conditions. What surprised me was the true airspeed at cruise. Most everyone told me to expect to lose as much as 10kts at cruise. That was not the case. At power settings from 40% to 75% the MTV-9-B was consistently 3 to 5 knots FASTER than my old propeller. The 2-blade McCauley had 2200 hours total time and 400 since overhaul so I expect it would also be better when new, I am still impressed with the performance of this MT propeller. The MT is indeed very smooth at all speed and power settings.

I am looking forward to taking it on several long trips in the near future up higher (17,000). The higher I went the better it seem to be over the 2-blade metal propeller.


Mike Rehberg
Albuquerque, NM

 Twin Mustang XP-82 XP-82 First Flight

On 31 December 2018, our XP-82 Twin Mustang flew for the first time since 14 December 1949. Although it wasn’t supposed to fly yesterday, all that was planned to do was the last FAA required runway high-speed taxi test, lift off for a second or two and then back down, deploy full flaps and brake to a stop. It accelerated so fast after the planned lift off that Ray, our test pilot, realized that getting it back down and stopping it in the remaining runway would be marginal. So he pushed the power back up and flew for about five minutes.

The unexpected and dramatic acceleration of our XP-82 at 55 inches of manifold pressure occurred because it was approaching three times the horsepower of a single engine Mustang and one and a half times the weight. The XP-82 has 1860 hp each side for total of 3720 hp, compared to 1500 hp for the P-51. Our XP-82 weighs approximately only 1 1/2 times more than a P-51 - 14,700 lbs. compared to 9500 lbs. for the P-51.

The very short gear-down flight showed zero airframe squawks, hands-off no trim required, with all engine temps and pressures normal.

This wonderful test flight came after a 10.5 year restoration encompassing 207,000 labor hours. Many thanks to Ray Fowler, our test pilot and all of the men and women that made this restoration possible.

Your propellers are as smooth as glass, they come up to 3000 rpm on take-off and control throughout all ranges perfectly.

Thank you for your support.
Tom Reilly

KA B200 with Blackhawk Dear MT!
Here are 2 videos and a photo illustrating the awesomeness of your 5 blade composite props on a KA B200 with Blackhawk engine upgrades.
N826WG tail number.
The photo was taken at level flight, 290 knts, 28500 ft. Only 84dB. We can hear the pilots taking now and they can hear us.

We did a ton of noise level measurements that we can send if you want the data. We did the recordings with both a dosimeter as well my iPhone using Decibel X Pro (app) from multiple positions onboard, including the cockpit (before and after installing your props).
Long story shortened, your props reduce the ambient noise level in the cabin from 7-9 dB on the “A” scale. Huge difference.
Love them!

Youtube Video Links:

I did these videos because before I purchased your props, I searched all over the internet trying to find testimonials of noise level reduction. I couldn’t find anything.

 Jetstream 31 with MTV-27 Jetstream 31, MT Propeller Testimonial

Northwestern Air Lease Ltd. has converted our Jetstream 31 to MT propellers and is extremely pleased with the result. We have found that there is a significant reduction in the noise levels in the cabin and outside the aircraft. Passengers can carry out a normal conversation in the aircraft. The response of the propellers to changes is much quicker with the MT propellers, when pilots select reverse and with the application of power the response is much more positive. We feel that we are seeing a lower fuel consumption and a slight increase in speed with the MT propellers. I would not hesitate to recommend the MT propellers to any operators. Both the manufacturer, MT Propellers Entwicklung Gmb in Germany and AMK Aviation Inc., the dealer in Ontario have provided outstanding technical support, advice on operating these props and maintenance training. We are very impressed by the support by both the manufacturer and the dealer. We are looking at converting the rest of our fleet as soon as possible.

Brian Harrold
Pilot / AME
Northwestern Air Lease Ltd.

 Twin Commander with MTV-27 Martin, I love the props!
They are sexy as hell and create a lot ramp appeal which is helping with our fundraising efforts.
Performance wise the plane climbs faster, takes off in a shorter distance, cruises faster, has more prop clearance, is 50% quieter, the vibration is gone and the engines start up more quickly.
We have done a feasibility study and we are planning a 5,000 mile leg over Antartica!
I am currently talking to Jeppesen about doing EAA Young Eagle events this coming year using the plane and Gleim simulators programmed to emergencies over Antartica.
... Thanks guys for the great props!

Happy Holidays,

BLR ArticleBLR Article about the MT Whisper Prop and the BLR Winglets.
Click here to enlarge.

Customers Husky with MTV-15 I do a lot of ski flying in the Alps with my Husky / Snowbird conversion.
Performance is all what counts when you land at 14.500 ft in a Density Altitude of 18. 000 ft at Mt Rosa. Even the downhill takeoff run is challenging, if not enough thrust is delivered. Since the MTV 15 was availabe, had it on my plane. After other props were availabe I tried them, but the performance was not what I expected. So I went back several times to the MTV-15.
Now with the ULTRA being STCd, it’s the prop of my choice. Lighter than any other certified composite prop, quieter and with immediate throttle response, it bites like a Pyranhia. Cruise is 3 KTS faster, climb is better and its running super smooth with its Nickel Kobalt Leading edges.

Thanks you guys at MT for making such a great product available.

Thomas Dietrich

Customers RV8 Dear Martin,
I am writing to express my sincere thanks for helping me resolve the recent dispute I had with a prop shop regarding the overhaul of my 183-59b propeller for my RV-8.
The courtesy and professionalism you extended me were most appreciated, and the people who helped me at MTPUSA---particularly, Peter, Juergen, Ryan, and Sarah---were superb in helping me get airborne again.

The propeller is running beautifully, and I am more than happy with its performance. As ever, MT Propeller has once again exceeded all expectations and has delivered the best product, the best customer service in the industry, which is why I recommend to any pilot or builder, especially Vans Aircraft enthusiasts, MT Propellers for their aircraft. Hands down, nothing else comes close.

Again, I thank you so much for your help and support!
Scott Chastain

Article written by Ted DuPuis for the Twin Cessna Flyer about his upgrade to the 4-bladed Propellers for the Cessna 414.

MT 5 Blade Propeller on Jetprop-35 This is a picture of your five blade on my Tbm turning off runway 15 at the cape ! And I was wrong you can count all five when running !
I cannot believe how the vibration - which I thought was very reasonable to begin with ( I have owned 7 turbo props ) was reduced to nil ! If we believe that vibration can create more wear on the airframe then this just might reduce a very significant level ! From a personal comfort the lower rpm reduces the cabin noise level to near jet liner levels . Also I believe it has dropped the temp during the starting procedure as well.
Very happy five blade owner


MT 5 Blade Propeller on Gulfstream Turbo Commander MT Propeller, I wanted to thank you for building me and the "The Citizen of the World" the first ever five bladed, nickel tipped, scimitar, composite props ever to go on a Gulfstream Turbo Commander. The propellers eliminated the vibration in the plane, reduced the noise by 50% and look-great! I will be using these head turners to fly from the south pole to the north pole in December 2018.

Thank you for your ongoing support and interest in my flight!

Robert DeLaurentis

MT 5 Blade Propeller on Jetprop-35MT 5 Blade Propeller on Jetprop-35

In July 2016, Jetprop LLC delivered the first conversion of a PA46 done directly with the new 5-Blade MT Propeller STC, thanks to a great cooperation between the two firms over their STC’s.

The 5-Blade propeller adds a great performance plus on an already good aircraft, allowing for climbs to F280 in less than 15 min from SL at MTOW, excellent Torque/IAS ratios in cruise and an ever quieter cabin. Under EASA, the plane is now classified in the best noise class (“D”), waiving most noise fees in Europe.

Thank you to the whole MT Propeller team for all their help and reactivity during the conversion project !

Zurich - Switzerland

TBM 900 with MTV-27 Good afternoon Mr. Albrecht,

we are very impressed about the new MTV-5 bladed propeller!
Shorter take-off distance, better climb rate, turbine smooth run and a significant noise reduction in comparison to the original 4-Blade Prop characterize the MTV-27. Not least the „Ramp Appeal“ of the TBM.  

The combination of the PT 6A-66D with the Muehlbauer 5-blade is ideal. It improves the TBM 850 in all ways.  

Our thanks goes also to the professional and competent staff, who performed the conversion very well.  

Best regards

Christian Weiß  Dr. Max-Burkhard Zwosta

It was a pleasure to have you stop by and visit.
Please pass along our appreciation to the MT propeller team. The new MT propeller has restored confidence both with the flight crews and maintenance department. We have also experienced benefits in the form of less noise, vibration and faster cooler starts.

Again, Thank you.

Russel R.Knight
Aviation Officer II (M)
Air Tactical Maintenance
Aviation Management Unit
5500 Price Avenue
McClellan, CA 95652

Customers Cessna 208 with the new MT-5-blade Prop First Season with our Cessna 208 B „ Supervan „ D - FSWW.

After one short skydiving season (conversion was made in April) with the new MT 5 blade propeller, we can only state "PERFECT". We flew more than 200 hrs with about 350 engine start cycles. The rotation time is a bit faster than with the standard 4 blade propeller, and:

There is another important improvement: The engine start cycle is much shorter then with the standard propeller, our starter batteries have been capacitance tested and are still in an excellent condition. We only run up the engine with the internal batteries and mostly in "parallel/serial" mode to run over the critical RPM as fast as possible.
In total we can say that the decision to install this propeller was and will be absolute positive for our operation.

J. Biskup
(Technical Manager Airservice Westerwald GmbH)

Cheyenne 400 with MTV-27Martin,
Congratulations for the MT Propellers you guys produce.

It is fantastic. I had the opportunity to fly on another Cheyenne 400 without it and now flew in mine which has one ..... It is Safer, smoother, faster, quieter, and faster...unbelievable.

Kind Regards, from a very satisfied client.

Luiz Galeazzi

PC12 with MTV-27We have installed last week the MT 5 bladed Propeller on our PC12.
This propeller outperforms all other props on the PC12. Respect to the MT-Team.

To take off and land at my airfield , it would not be possible without the MT-Propeller.

A link to my first take off and landing.

Thank you MT-Propeller

Gebhard , owner of a new PC12

Ul Aerospool with MTV-33Aerospool Dynamic WT9 with Rotax 912

... MT propeller is absolutely amazing, troublefree, enable great climb, smooth running and fast cruise in any condition, even strong rain.

Pitts of Redfox Airshows Dear Ms. Hildegard Bruendl and Mr. Eric Greindl,

Thank you very much for the MTV-9 propeller which you recently manufactured for me.

I completed 5 hour test flight period on the Pitts S-2S, and I am so happy with the performance of the airplane.
I quickly noticed that the propeller makes higher vertical penetration, and I am able to perform my routine more precisely and aggressively.
I have another air show coming later this month, it will be more attractive for sure.

From a happy MT-propeller flyer.

Best regards,

Yuichi Takagi
Performer, Redfox Airshows

Cirrus SR20 Hallo Herr Albrecht,

die Abholung Freitag hat bestens geklappt.
Vielen Dank schon mal für die schnelle Umsetzung. Der erste Eindruck ist schlichtweg sensationell. Was die Optik verspricht, kommt spätestens nach dem Anlassen zum Vorschein. Der Sound und die Laufruhe ist wirklich "Smooth" und mit dem anderen Prop nicht zu vergleichen.

Trotz voller Tankung, 35°C auf der Runway war die sonst etwas kritische CHT überhaupt kein Problem oder gar im "Gelben Bereich", was sonst durchaus auch bei 15°Grad gelegentlich der Fall war. An jenem Abend hatte ich eine Density Alt von sagenhaften 5900ft und man spürte dennoch deutlich den besseren Schub. Ich bin schon sehr gespannt, wie die Wirkung bei "normalen "Temperaturen sein wird ...

PA46 Jetprop MT 5 Blade Prop

On July 10th, N46PW was equipped with the new MT-five-blade-Prop in Straubing as the first N registrated Jetprop world wide.
Only a few days earlier, the FAA had launched the STC for US registrated Jetprops P46T.
Now we understand, why already more than 100 (one hundred) Pilatus PC12 have been converted with that high tech part.

Our impression after roughly 20 hours of light:

1. during start up procedure, 15% N1 is instantaneously reched to add fuel (much quicker than with the four blade prop), 17% N1 with the same battery voltage as before is no big deal, i.e. battery load goes significantly down, air intake flow is higher, start up temperatur goes down.
2. ground roll distance is shorter
3. climbrate is significantly better
4. outside noise voulme is reduced, (now 68dB instead of 70,5 dB before)
5. in accordance with the updated noise certificate: landing fees go down
6. in the rear cabin is comfortable quiet, whereas we in front still use our active noise reduction head sets, but with them in use, it s deadly silent

the only disadvantage: smoking is now forbidden around the propeller - it s made out of wood.

Michael Offermann

Cessna 206 Hallo Herr Albrecht,

Propeller läuft gut, Steigleistung mit 2.500 1/min. um 100-200 ff erhöht.
Schub beim Start deutlich höher, wir müssen die Maschine schon zwingen am Boden zu bleiben um Fahrt aufzuholen.
Das Bugrad wird alleine durch das geringere Gewicht entlastet, sodass der Pilot nicht mehr so stark ziehen muss.
Die Cessna ist ebenfalls leichter zu landen auch wegen des geringeren Gewichtes auf der Nase.
Der Propeller ist schön laufruhig in der Zelle merken die Springer auch die geringere Geräuschentwicklung.
Andere Flugplätze fragen schon an, ob wir nicht für sie die Springer mit der leiseren Maschine absetzen können (haben bisher C-182 mit 300 PS die ihnen zu laut ist).
Unser Segelflugverein ist auch glücklich über die leisere Maschine unsere Lärmgegner ebenfalls.


Sie und Ihr Team haben einen tollen Job gemacht, danke.

Thomas Dietrich
1. Vors. Fallschirmsportclub Neustadt an der Weinstraße

MU2B customers airplane First observations: Empty weight was 7000 lbs. is now 6957 lbs. Somewhat quieter on the ground (should improve more when RPM is reduced). Faster spool up on start. Faster acceleration on takeoff roll. Increased climb rate. Seems to have a slightly better cruise (need to verify with existing trend data that I've recorded over the last three years). Less vibration, and of course...NO AD. just looks really sharp.

Grumman with MTV-18 Australian Grumman Tiger

Hi Martin & Andreas

Thank you very much for the prompt reply, which I understand.
Martin, the propeller is fantastic thank you. I enjoy flying the aircraft so much more in all respects ... from take-off (safer) ... climb (faster) .... cruise (smoother) ... descent (faster) ... and landing (shorter) ... the entire flight is so much more enjoyable.

Best regards


Corvus Racer 312 Ultralight equipped with MTV-34-1-A Propeller The new Corvus Racer 312 Ultralight equipped with MTV-34-1-A Propeller with P-850-12UL governor

The Corvus Racer 312 is an ultralight/LSA category aircraft, fitted with Rotax 912ULS/100 Hp powerplant.It has symmetrical wings, and generally all aerodynamic controls and surface shape comes from the Racer 540, the unlimited aerobatic aircraft.
For the UL version, we were looking for a high performance, and reliable propeller, which really can assist to show the aircraft's outstanding flight parameters. The aircraft itself, being limited aerobatic, had to be equipped with CS propeller, which had to be hydraulic for highest safety and performance. Corvus has choosen MT Propellers as the company has already outstanding reputation and reliable service, delivering the ordered items exactly on time.
The first aircraft we have sold, has been delivered to Mr. Peter Besenyei, the Red Bull Air Race pilot, the world's almost best known aerobatic aviator.
Peter was very much satisfied with the plane's all over capabilities, reaching a cruising speed of 136 Kts(IAS) at zero winds, straight and level, with 5310 rpm. read more of this report (pdf)


I was at a fire department function on the shore of Lake Simcoe yesterday. It was one of those cold days, (surprise, surprise) when the air is so crisp, you can hear a conversation across a parking lot.
I heard a twin fly over, but for the life of me, I could not identify it by its sound (and I've been pretty good at that for about 45 years).
It was a soft and quiet, rather wispy sound. Not even as loud as a Cessna 150. Certainly no bark, or twang of propellers. It caught my interest, as I wondered the type....

It turns out that it was the Twin Comanche, with the MT props, which we went to so much effort to demonstrate noise compliance last year.
I recognized its paint job. I had never heard it fly over before! (though I have heard many Twin Comanche's with metal props over the years)....

Cheers, Jim

Jim Watson, Transport Canada Design Approval Representative

Here is an Article of J. Bruce Camino for the Comanche Flyer about his experience with the new MT-Propeller on his Commanche.

Customers B200 Kingair with the MT 5-blade Propeller First King Air 200GT in the US with our QFJ-Propeller System MTV-27-1-E-C-F-R(P)/CFR225-55f

Hi Mike,

……Our ground roll today I computed at 700ft less than the performance tables for our conditions (I'm impressed). I noted that we were definitely quieter in the climb and ground ops, had less vibration and also able to achieve as good (possibly slightly better) a climb rate as the 4 blades at 100rpm less (1800). Gerald noticed as we departed just ahead of another KA that we were notably quieter than normal.

As we fly more, I'm collecting data to compare against previous trends.

Thank you,

Customers B200 Kingair with the MT 5-blade Propeller Dear Mr. Albrecht,

we like to thank you for the 5 blade props for our King Air B 200.
We upgraded the aircraft with PT6-52 engines and winglets plus your 5 blade props and can tell you the aircraft has much less noise inside and outside.

There is a remarkable Performance increase of almost 40 kts. No Vibration and comfortable cruising.

Best Regards
Eckart Moltmann
V&V Management AG

Elgin Wells Hello, Eric!

I just wanted to tell you how much I love my new propeller! Without balancing, it is the smoothest of any I have flown on a 4-cylinder!
I very much appreciate your helping me with my project, and I will help promote MT at all my shows. I am about to install the LEDs on the blades...

Thanks in advance.
Elgin Wells

Picture by

We installed the MT propeller on a Pilatus PC12, which is operated into a rather small private airstrip.
I noticed definite improvement in the takeoff and climb performance, increasing the margin of safety. The aircraft owner commented it's like a new airplane in back, with less vibration and noise.
Although the installation was recent, we believe the new propeller will continue to be a good investment and upgrade.


Experience with our new 5 blade MT propeller

Since approximately 100 hours we are operating the new 5 blade MT Propeller on our TBM 700 D-FIVE.
The aircraft is fully equipped and refitted with the Garmin 1000 professional cockpit. D-FIVE is operated by airline pilots with an experience of more then 10 000 flight hours each.
We all found out an improvement of take off roll and climb rate. But most significant was the increasing true air speed in higher cruising levels.
Full fuel, 2 persons at FL 300 we are reaching with 795° gas temperature, 1750 RPM and ISA easy 300 kt TAS. Under same conditions with the standard propeller max speed was round about 290 kt. In all flight levels above FL250 a speed increment of 12-15kt are considered.
Another plus is the smooth vibration level of the MT prop. The cabin noise has reduced dramatically as best performance is reached now with 1750 RPM instead of former 1900 RPM.

We can only say THANK YOU to the MT Team for this outstanding product!

Olaf Guehring
CPT A 330/A 320/ TBM 700

Hallo Martin,

Wir sind schon einige Stunden mit dem neuen Prop geflogen - große Begeisterung bei allen Maulepiloten :-))!
Alles wie versprochen eingetreten.
Besseres Handling, bessere Leistung und weniger Lärm.

Viele Grüße und nochmals vielen Dank für alles !

Luftsportgruppe Babenhausen

Hallo Martin und Wolfgang,

ich bin heute das erste mal in den Genuß gekommen unsere schöne Mooney Ovation mit dem neuen Propeller fliegen zu können.
Und bei dem herrlichen Wetter natürlich VFR von Mönchengladbach nach Magdeburg und ein paar Stunden später wieder zurück.

Laufruhe: Martin da hast Du wirklich nicht zu viel versprochen - das ist ein ganz anderer Motor ...

Sound: Der Sound hat sich irgendwie in Richtung Turbine verändert - leicht pfeifend und fauchend - aber klasse. 

Startrollstrecke: Subjektiv viel besser geworden - wenn man Gas reinschiebt passiert auf einmal was.

Steigen: Subjektive auch viel besser geworden.

Speed: Schwer zu sagen - ich glaube da hat sich nicht wirklich was getan. Könnte sein wenn die Drehzahl etwas höher wäre.

Spritverbrauch: Da kann ich noch nichts zu sagen - muß man mal über einen längeren Zeitraum beobachten.

Bremswirkung im Landeanflug: Die Bremswirkung des Propellers im Landeanflug ist ja besser als unsere Speedbrakes !!!
Man muß den Anflug nur mit einem etwas anderen Powersetting fliegen als bisher - aber völlig unkritisch.

Drehzahl: Die Drehzahl läuft jetzt auch so gut wie gar nicht mehr hoch - der Zug geht etwas leicht, was zur Folge hatte, das die Drehzahl in der Vergangenheit im Cruise immer etwas hoch lief.

Motortemperatur: Ich kann zwar keinen direkten Zusammenhang vom Propeller und einer besseren Motorkühlung erkennen, aber Fakt ist, das die Temperaturunterschiede zwischen den Zylinder besser geworden sind und die waren Dank Gami Injektors vorher auch schon gar nicht schlecht gewesen - könnt Ihr Euch einen Grund vorstellen ?

Alles in allem war das eine gute Sache mit dem neuen Propeller - jetzt hoffen wir nur noch auf eine baldige / offizielle Zulassung.

Vielen Dank und schöne Grüße

Dirk Schmidt-Enzmann

Partenavia with MTV-12 Propeller Hello David,

Long time don't talk to you. Please find attached a picture taken after the installation of the props you sold me.
"Besides its new aggressive look, I can say it feels like a different airplane. You were right, vibration has almost disappeared, the noise level has been dramatically reduced and the climb rate has also improved"

Thank you very much for everything and I hope you could come someday and fly with us.

Best Regards


Example of a PA-31T with Blackhawk Conversion and MTV-27 Propeller Dear Bobby and Oli

Last Saturday I could pick up HB LNL. It is just wonderful to fly. The perfomance is spectacular and the comfort is so much better with the 5 bladed Props. It s a perfect match. I would like to thank you for your support and for all the many things you did form e and that were necessary to make this happen. It is my best Christmas gift I ever got.
Merrry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Liebes MT-Propeller-Team,

Als ich damals vor ca 10 Jahren bei meiner Piper Cheyenne II von den Original-3-Blatt-Propellern auf 4-Blatt-Propeller wechselte, war der Unterschied in Sachen Lärm, Vibration und Beschleunigung beträchtlich.

Seit einer Woche nun fliege ich mit den neuen MT 5-Blatt-Propellern. Die neuen Propeller sind unglaublich leise und vibrationsfrei bei gleicher Leistung. Selbst meine Frau, die nicht besonders gern fliegt, ist begeistert vom jet-like feeling in der Kabine. Das Reisen mit dem Flugzeug sei viel weniger ermüdend als vorher und man könne jetzt während dem Flug viel besser ungestört lesen oder arbeiten.

An dieser Stelle möchte ich dem ganzen Team herzlich danken für die geleistete Arbeit. Propellerwechsel, Testflüge, Balancing und das Einstellen der Motoren war stets gekennzeichnet durch Professionalität auf höchstem Niveau. Die neuen 5-Blatt-Propeller sind hervorragend!

Mit freundlichen Grüssen Daniel Knutti

Cirrus SR22T with 4-blade MT-Propeller Hallo Herr Eberl,

auch auf diesem Weg möchte ich mich noch einmal ganz herzlich für den Umbau unserer Cirrus auf den 4 Blatt Propeller bedanken.
Obwohl ich erst den kurzen Weg von Straubing nach Donaueschingen geflogen bin , muss ich sagen: PHANTASTISCH....!!!!

Mein erster Eindruck:
Die Cirrus hat viel mehr Biss,eine kürzere Startstrecke, bessere Steigleistung, bessere Kühlung und ist dazu noch angenehm leise & vibrationsarm. Und die wunderschöne Optik....
Wir wissen schon, warum wir MT-Fans sind . Deshalb auch unsere Entscheidung: Entweder eine MT-Cirrus oder keine Cirrus mehr!
Gerne berichten wir Ihnen von unseren weiteren Flügen und Erfahrungen mit dem neuen 4-Blatt Propeller.

Herzliche Grüsse
Herbert Schmidt

Tundra 200 with 2-blade MT-Propeller Guten Tar my freund (writing from sounds...not from dictionary!)

We have 35 hours on our Home built Tundra 200 (Lycoming IO-390) and it is performing better than any Tundras on same settings...
The prop works fantastic and thus far we really appreciate the quality of our MT prop. IF you have any maintenance tips, please let me know as I will baby this prop for as long as I can and cant wait to show it off at Oshkosh!

Jean-Michel Sauve
Yellowknife, NT
Proud owner of Tundra 200 CF-MSV (

SR22 G3 with 4-blade MT-Propeller Hallo Martin,

Ich bin über Ostern über 21h mit der SR22 G3 Turbo unter allen möglichen Situationen geflogen.
3 x Heringsdorf-Bremgarten und zurück, Einweisungen, Rundflüge, Starts auf z.B. Grasplatz Ebern-Sendelbach 500 Meter Länge – durch nur positivste Erfahrungen FL120, 1-3-Stündige Flüge und ich habe ja den Vergleich mit weit über 400h auf anderen Cirrus 22 Maschinen.

Kurzum: Er ist sagenhaft! Ein vom Start weg spürbarer besserer Schub, Steigflug – sensationell und der Reiseflug – unglaublich. Die Laufruhe im vergleich zu dem Metallpropeller ist enorm – gerade bei langen Überlandflügen sehr angenehm. Die Kühlung des Motors im Steigflug ist deutlich besser – um es genau zu sagen die Maschine kommt gar nicht erst in die Nähe des gelben Bereichs mehr.
Und von außen? Alle Leute staunen und kommen auf einen zu. Der Klang von außen am Boden, Steigflug und Reise/Vorbeiflug ist eindeutig ruhiger und verleiht der Cirrus eine neue "Geräuschkkulisse". Das typische Cirrus-Sägen ist komplett weg.


(Our Customer told us about his experiences with the new 4-blade Prop on the Cirrus SR22 G3 Turbo - he simply found it incredible.)

Customers NXT with MT-Prop installed Martin, I often think back to our discussions at snf in 2007 where I had told you I was concerned that MT props were much slower than the Hartzell used on most NXTs, however, you convinced me to purchase an MT propeller and I am completely satisfied with the smoothness, climb performance and speed of your propeller.

While the I do not have a direct comparison to another propeller, my maximum TAS of 402 mph so far, is adequate for my needs. I wanted a good cruise propeller that would work well at 2400 rpm or less and I am completely satisfied with the performance in this range. At 2250rpm and manifold pressure of 23 "hg the plane cruises at 250KTAS at 14.5 gph at 7500ft density attitude and the smoothness is similar to a turbine.

Best Regards

Dear Martin,

Congratulations to your engineers!
What a treat! Pilot and Passengers!
Noise and Vibration Level from Ferrari to BMW.
You just want to keep on flying...
A worthy investment.

Thank You!

Beste Gruesse und bis bald

TBM 850 owner with MTV-27 propeller system January 13, 2011

Super Decathlon I have been flying in a Super Decathlon for 2 years at Executive Flyers with a Hartzell 2 bladed prop. A friend of mine, who works at HS has started aerobatic flight instruction part time.
He competes at the Unlimited level. I flew with him yesterday in a Super Decathlon with the 3 bladed MT prop.
This was the first time I flew behind an MT prop. I was very impressed. Takeoff and climb performance was noticeable improved as well as prop moothness. From a guy who has been around props for almost 40 years, I can tell you that you should all be very proud of your products.
IK October, 2010

Cessna 421 The pilot, Rodrego Cruz from Astra Charter in Ft. Lauderdale reports the interior noise level is noticably less. It is much smoother and feels like a turbine.
It gets attention at every stop with folks asking what kind of plane this is with the 4-blade props.
The MT props have a neat chirping sound made during taxi. Time to climb is reduced and cruise speed at same power settings is a few knots faster.

Pilatus PC 12 customer feedback of Mike Dennis Pilatus owner of a PC 12 (pdf 1.4 Mb)

(example of a PC 12 with the MT 5 blade Propeller)

Mooney M20K (231) I have just acquired a new MT propeller for my Mooney M20K (231).
I fly in the western United States with high density altitudes. I selected the MT prop to gain improved performance for climb.
I am very happy with the results.
My take off runs are shorter and my rate of climb is about 300 feet per min greater.
This improved performance is both at sea level and airports at 6500'.
Cruise speed has not been negatively affected. The propeller is quiet and no vibrations at all engine speeds. MT has developed a winner!

Chuck Crinnian
M20K @ KDVT (Phoenix Az)

First American Blimp Cooperation ABC 150 flying in China with MTV- propellersFirst American Blimp Cooperation ABC 150 flying in China with MTV- propellers

MT Composite Propeller Experience on my G36 by:
Craig Sommerfield [2007 Beech G36 w IO-550-B]
Example of a Beech 36 with MTV-9
I was getting the itch for a bit more performance from my G36 when I read the article in the ABS magazine about the new MT composite propeller approved for my plane by Flight Resource........more (pdf)

(Example of a Beech 36 with MTV-9)

PA42-1000 /LS400 with MTV-27 Als Pilot der HB - LTM ( erste umgerüstete PA42-1000 /LS400), ausgerüstet mit Ihren 5 Blatt Propellern (MTV-27-1-E-C-F-R(G)/CFR()250-103) habe ich jetzt 600 Std. ohne die geringsten Probleme und Beanstandungen geflogen.
Speziell in vereisenden Situationen sind mit Ihren Propellern im Gegensatz zu den 4-Blatt Propellern nicht im Ansatz Probleme mehr aufgetreten...
In guter Erinnerung ist mir der Flug am 20.07.08 von Catania LICC 14:14 LT nach Mollis LSMF 16:30LT . Es hatte starke Vereisung und Turbulenzen über die Alpen und im Sinkflug (echtes Hundewetter)
Ich kann Ihr Produkt nur weiter empfehlen speziell auch im Bezug auf Lärm und Vibrationen, mehr Bodenfreiheit und besseres Startverhalten des Triebwerkes!
mit freundlichen Grüssen
Noldi Widmer

Skywriting by Oregon Aero Sky Dancer .......Thank you for your tremendous support of airshow performers. It is people like you that make it possible for us to stay in this business.
Blue Skies, Suzanne, Steve and Pax

This mail is for congratulate all the MT team for the succes we get with the Cheyenne 400LS STC we installed.
Finally a week ago installed both MTV-27... on Cheyenne 400LS and was a great succes, the customer is most than happy with the STC, the aircraft perform much better than with the Dowty system, the sound level in the interior is amazingly lower and the aircraft really has increased the speed in "at least" 6 Knots, really after balancing we get a real jet like feeling.
On our side, as prop guys, i can only say congratulations for a great job in designing, manufacturing and selling this prop sytems.
I have installed many, many, STC, but this one, even being done on an important turboprop, was delightfully simple, and i ever say that the simpler it is for us the most you work on the design, this is the case because everything was straight forward with no even the minor problem.
We run the engines with the old props and took notes of all the parameters in ground (torque, RPM, Fuel flow, Temperarture) then we removed the props, installed the new MT, set the Flight Idle, correct a minor difference between the prop levers and then goes directly to the dynamic balance.
We start with a reading of 0,46IPS on engine 1 and 0,28IPS on engine 2 and after the second run of each engine they went down to 0,02 IPS engine 1 and 0,04IPS engine 2 the aircarft took off to San Pablo Brasil on a 3: 30 flight and at the arrival the pilot call me exited with the performance of the plane the do 330Knots at FL 38.
So once again congratulations for the job.

Eric thank to you for the commercial side. You have ever been a great help without with this sales would be impossible even when we do not put any gain on this and other new prop sales you have ever been there understanding our "third world" requirements to be able complete a deal, thanks a lot and definetely this encourage us to keep on working to sale more oustanding performers MT-propellers.

Diego A Clerici

F-1 Rocket EVOMTV-9-B-C/198-52
This prop was installed new on my F-1 Rocket EVO.
Gross weight is 2100 lb.
HP Approx. 300.
Top level WOT speed is about 250 MPH at 1000 ft. MSL on a standard day.

Gene Holcomb

Piper 105 hp with MTV-17The electric MTV-17-C/183-17f gives my 105 hp Piper the same performance like a 150 hp Super Cup with a fixed pitch prop.
Flying up to 16000 ft is no problem and cruising on the other hand with 3 GPH at 65 kts works also fine.
Thanks to the MT-Propeller Team for this great propeller ...........

Sigi Angerer
Chief Pilot of the Flying Bulls in Salzburg

Pitts of Embry Riddly Sport Aviation ClubEmbry Riddly Sport Aviation Club Letter (pdf)

Hi Martin,

Yes, the aircraft has less vibration than metal propeller and is smoother.

It is a better propeller for the GA8 than the metal propeller. I have personally flown approximately 500hrs with metal 3 Blade on my GA8 aircraft and my comparison from my 7hr flight home from Straubing with MTV9 propeller is that the MTV9 is the more suitable propeller for the GA8.

On the way home, we stopped at a UK airfield and collected some parachute equipment. On departure for Kilkenny we were almost at full MTOW and I found the climb take-off roll and climb performance to 8,000ft performed better than the metal 3 bladed propeller. We used 2600rpm for departure and 2500rpm for climb.

So far so good.


Piper Mirage Jetprop with MTV-27 First KingAir F90 converted to 5 bladed latest generation composite MT-Props.

Hello Martin,

I hope that You are in the same excellent mode now as You were during our visit at MT-propeller…..
Thanks a lot for two fantastic days in Straubing..
Very nice staff and tasty food at the airport as well.
The King Air is really performing at top level after been equipped with your composite five bladers..
We need to get some other headsets due to this new low noiselevel in cockpit….what a reduction on noise !!!
The performance is performing better in take-off, climb, cruise and more stable in reverse thrust…!!!
An efficient upgrading that will for sure will have short bay-back on this investment for us.

I Have a Topic at the forum BeechTalk Beech Turbines "F90/F90-1 Five blade props" that You can check if You want….The are some interest for the Propellers..I made some ref. to You…

Im flying to Stockholm tomorrow…looking forward to that !!!

All the best to You and rest of staff…

Rolf / Anders

Piper Mirage Jetprop with MTV-27 Some Impressions from the FIRST JETPROP with a 5 blade MT-Propeller

This JETPROP is a Piper Mirage converted with a PT6-21 P&W Turbine. The plane was running with a 4 blade MT-Propeller before.

Since end of April 2014 this plane is now the first in the world with this new 5 blade MT-Propeller.

What a treat for the pilots and passengers with the new noise and vibration level. This is one of the best STC installed in this JETPROP.
Last but not least the ramp appeal of the JETPROP with the 5- blade MT-Propeller is much greater as before.
Congratulations to the MT engineering team.

Dr. Max Burkhard Zwosta

Lancair Evolution with the MT 5-blade Propeller One comment.

Throughout this little endeavor, you and staff in Germany, and Peter Marshall in Florida and Will in Connecticut were professional, personal, polite, and informative.
You may say I need not write this as vendors should be this.
You and group stand head and shoulders above anyone else. The ability to respond to [my] questions, and to return calls is very important to me.
Other vendors are far too cavalier on these issues, or use the abrupt text message, Facebook, etc. to give non-complete answers.

I do hope you pass this on to the parties involved - and in-service folks - and let your group know 'job well done !'

will be in touch, perhaps through Peter Marshall.

thank you again.


Customers Stearman with the MT 2-blade fixed pitch Propeller I installed an MT wood propeller on my Continental 220 HP Stearman approximately 100 hours ago and am extremely pleased with the propeller and its performance.
The MT replaced a McCauley metal propeller subject to AD 54-12-02, which requires disassembly and magnetic inspection of the hub and blades every 100 operating hours, and restricts operation between 1,500 and 1,650 r.p.m. The MT is not subject to any AD's and has no operating restrictions. The MT is also 25 pounds lighter than the McCauley.
The MT's performance is comparable to the McCauley's. There is a general feeling in the Stearman community that metal propellers out perform wood. However, I recently flew during formation training with a 220 HP Stearman equipped with a Hamilton Standard metal propeller. Although both airplanes performed comparably in cruise, the Hamilton Standard equipped airplane lagged so severely in climb performance that I routinely had to reduce power 100 - 150 rpm so he could remain in position during takeoff and climb.

MT-Propeller USA and general manager David Noad made purchasing an MT a pleasant experience. David answered every question before I ordered, and immediately furnished additional technical information I requested after my prop was delivered. I frequently tell people, "Contrary to what we've come to expect in today's world, MT did everything they said they would do, when (or before) they said they would do it, and for exactly what they said it would cost."

Thank you for making a great product.

Roy Kinsey
Pensacola, Florida
1943 Stearman N2S-4

Customers Cessna 340 with the MT 4-blade Propeller ...The props on the 340 are well worth the money due to the performance they deliver. I will be happy to discuss them with anyone.
The only "problem" I see is that they will "speed brake" the plane and it feels like it will shut down in midair.
As an instructor with loads of time in these twin Cessna's, especially the short wing, you have got to keep your speed up in the pattern and on final. In the alternative you can make a high approach push the props forward and point the nose straight at the runway.
I am very pleased. There is no vibration. They sound like Pratt and Whitney turbines...

King Air 200 with 5-blade MTV-27
First KingAir 200 converted in India.

  1. The MT propellers after their fitment on our Super King Air B-200, MSN : BB-972 (VT-EHB) have flown 20 hours as on date.
  2. There is a distinct reduction of Noise Level in the cabin.
  3. The pilots report shorter take off and better rate of climb.
  4. We have been the first to install the MT 5 Bladed propellers in India.
  5. The crew is quite happy with the performance.


Nitin Khanna

Dear Martin,
We just did the test flight with the MTV-9. The results were really impressive:
take off and climb was fantastic; with a 9kts. tail wind we had 151kts. GS;
with the same wind on the head, we had 131kts. GS.
The pilot said the airplane would have done 119kts. GS under the same conditions.
The prop performed very smoothly and the noise was comfortable. The pilot could not hide his satisfaction.
On this Sky Lane we installed a brand new Continental engine and the MT propeller.
So, congratulations to your good work. We´ll spread the news!!!

Best regards,

Dear Martin,
We had a feed back from the SkyLane pilot today after a cross country flight, reporting a gain of approximately 10 kts. having indicated airspeeds of 135 kts. in various wind configurations, when he never saw air speeds above 125 kts. with his two bladed prop.
He suggested more cross country flights for a more precise information as experience is gained.

Have a good day,

New Prop for TBM 850, OE-EEE

Letter of commendation

In my past 10 years as a pilot and owner of executive aircrafts I had my share of experiences with airplane maintenance and different companies in Europe. My most recent dealings with your company have left a formidable impression of your performance and I need to write you a few lines to express my appreciation of your services delivered.
In 2008 I bought a TBM 850 and had some troubles with it. Discussing this matter with your experts you were very supportive and interested in improving the situation. You went on to install a prototype of a propeller for the TBM-series 700 & 850. The result was better than expected and I continued to exchange my observations with your staff.
On my most recent service appointment with my aircraft at your facility you managed again to surpass my understanding of professional workmanship. After thorough testing you concluded that the propeller was not 100 % meeting your high standards of performance. Without any hesitation you proposed to exchange the part in order to provide me with a perfect set up for my airplane. To my surprise you were not even considering to charge me for the labor or the parts, you felt it was your obligation to solve this matter according to your own high standards.
Needless to say that I can only recommend your company and your extremely skilled experts to anybody who is in search of a 5 Star service. In todays world it is a very pleasant surprise to encounter a company that puts the customers satisfaction above all and does not stop searching for a solution until all problems are solved immaculately.
Big compliments to all of you at……MT propellers… from now on you will be my example for high work ethics and customer satisfaction.
Thank you again and keep up the good work, your success will be guaranteed with the positive approach that you have ingrained in all parts of your company.
Happy Landings!!

Architekt Dipl.-Ing. Martin Valtiner

Article written by Mike Dennis for the Popa Magazin about the 5-blade MT-Propeller on the PC-12

Page 1 Page 2

Example of a PC12 with MTV-27 Propeller Mr. Finnoff

As you know, our PC12 is an early serial number with the 67B engine, not an NG, and we work it pretty hard, at an average yearly total of 500 + flying hours. Though we avoid unimproved strips, we land at many short paved airports all over the U.S. and Canada. These shorter strips sometimes require the use of a little reverse on landing. We have been operating with the MT now for 1 year . Over that year we saw significant performance improvements in thrust at takeoff and in climb performance over the old Hartzell as well as the reduction in noise and vibration levels.
With the recent installation of the newest MT blade redesign we have found even more improvement in a couple of areas. We have seen the abrasion pattern we saw on and aft of the old stainless leading edge, completely disappear, owing to the increase of the metal leading edge area and the harder nickel material.
The huge Anti Ice boot area and the new more flush design are helpful both in the anti ice performance and the aerodynamic aspect of performance.
We have now accumulated around 70 hours since the new, updated blade design was installed. During my last week with the aircraft I set up the same climb angle at 7 degrees nose up. The aircraft weight was averaging at between 7500 and 8500 lbs for this sample week. The OAT at takeoff was varying between 5 C to 10C at beginning of the climb to -35C at the top of climb. The climb performance was notable. The 7 degrees climb angle yielded 150 kts IAS at the initiation of the climb to 135 to 140 kt IAS at the top of the climb. Climb rate was 1500 fpm at beginning of climb through FL220 and rounding off at 1000 fpm from FL220 up to FL270. On colder days at low altitudes, I have seen the airspeed at 220 kts IAS regularly. Something I never saw with the Hartzell.
We would like to thank MT for such a great product. We would also like to thank you Chris for yours and Dave Noad's great support from the very beginning.
On those few occasions when we needed something, you and Dave were right there assisting us or the shops we contracted with for maintenance. I also received a couple of positive comments from the shops on the design and MT's product support.
We look forward to a continued good relationship with you and MT.

Best regards,
Dante Edwards

custom built airplane with 3-blade MT-Propeller Hi all!

Maybe you remember me.
This is the airplane made by me, powered with Rotax 912 ULS 3, modified by me for inverted fly, equipped with MT PROPELLER.
Your prop is more than OK!
Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

Dragos Stoicescu, Ploiesti, Romania

Dear Mr. Albrecht,

after making a couple of nice trips with your companies new 5 blade propellers on my Blackhawk-powered Piper Cheyenne II, it seems to be the right time to share my experience with you.

I was already used to a relatively low cabine noise level with my old 4 bladed "black mac" propellers. These units have already shown a significant noise reduction compared with the original 3 bladed propellers. After installation of the MT 5 blade props, the noise level in the cabine has been reduced, damatically. My guests on board are extremely pleased with the very low cabin noise level and also negligible vibration. This is a real asset ! These high tech "thrust makers" do not just look very sharp, they add significant value. For all those who suffer from fatiguing noise and vibration during flight, these 5 blade MT props are in my opinion simply a MUST.

Since my Cheyenne II was simultaneously upgraded with the Blackhawk Inc. PT6A-135A engines and the 5 Blade MT propellers, I cannot tell how much performance they add to a basic PT6A-28 powered Cheyenne II. In my case, I simply received a new aircraft which is basically 30-50kts faster than the "old" one. Both upgrades together seems to be a perfect fit.

Go on with your good work !

Reinhardt Michel – Owner of PA31T with Blackhawk engines and 5 blade MT propellers:

Customers RV with MTV-15 Hello Mr. Lubitz,
a few years ago I bought your MTV-15-B/183-402 c/s metal prop for my RV. I would like you to know that the first flight happened on 9th April 2010, when after some three years of building and half a year pause, I was able to fly THE PLANE.

Well, it was a great moment for me, the one which I never forget. Now I have completed the testing and have 48 hrs on the Hobbs. Initially I thought I did not make a good choice with the prop as I could not get past 153 knots max speed at 8000 feet. (Van's performance data show 178 knots.) All the initial test flying (25 hrs ) was done without the undercarriage fairings and my RV friends kept on telling me that I would get some 12mph speed gain when fairings are fitted, but that I have to accept the c/s props do have a lower max speed as compared to fixed pitch Hertzel or Sensenitch props. The reason I selected your prop was that it had no restrictions through the whole range of speed. All the other prop did have one or the other restrictions in certain rpm ranges.
What I did like from the very beginning was a tremendous acceleration on the take off and a short take off run. Our airfield is at 3740 feet and temperatures in the summer do go up to 36deg C so we do experience density altitude above 6000 feet. Also, the braking effect of the prop on descent for landing and in the circuit is fantastic. I had a problem with screeching brakes from the very beginning and could not find any solution until recently.
Also I was testing the plane for shimmy on the undercarriage to find out if any wooden dampers would be required on the undercarriage legs (they are shown on the plans).
For those reasons I kept delaying fitting of the undercarriage fairings. Brakes sorted and no shimmy found, I was ready to fit the fairings. Opinions in local flying community as to what speed gain I will achieve vastly varied and nobody really new what fairing contributed by how much to drag reduction. So I decided to test it myself in order to find the real figures. I fitted each component/s and then test flew the plane at 8000 feet in NSEW legs of 15nm and measured the TAS by GPS. The results were:

Speed gain for individual fairings:

I was absolutely astonished! Never expected this. Well, the top speed of my RV is now 176 knots but I still have to adjust the prop governor to achieve engine speed of 2700rpm. At present the max revs are 2650 rpm.
Question to you is: Does efficiency of your prop go up with increased plane speed? Or what would be the reason for such a large speed gain as even comment from Ken Scott of Vans Aircraft was that he would have expected the gain to be about half of that I experienced. (The engine I am using is Superior XP-IO-360 with horizontal induction.) One more observation. During initial testing I was trying all three positions of flaps during a take off and on fully extended flaps, the plane would not accelerate past 85 knots. At our airfield the runway is 810m long and I normally do not use any flaps for take off even when fully loaded.
Passing the runway threshold (no wind) I normally get about 95 knots IAS. Well, I am very happy now that my choice of propeller based on your recommendation was correct and the performance of the prop / engine / plane combination has proven to be excellent!
Thanks for your advice and your product.
Best regards,


Interesting Article of Craig Sommerfeld, Owner of a G58 Baron with 4-blade MT-Propeller, published at (pdf 125kb)

Pilatus PC6 Der neue Prop ist ein Traum!!! Der Porter steigt schneller. Das teilten mir 2 Piloten unabhängig voneinander mit.
Zwar mit geringerem Anstellwinkel, aber dafür mit besserem Speed. Umlaufzeiten früher auf 4000m lagen bei 16-17 Minuten, nun bei 15. Es ist nicht unser Ziel derart schnelle Zeiten zu fliegen, Aber es fiel auf...
Tobias Durr
(Trans-Porter-Aviation, Germany)
(Our customer told us that their PC6 has a much better climbspeed with the new MT-prop) June 27, 2010

American Champion Scout With a special permit the owner of this American Champion Scout aircraft equipped with an MTV-15-B/203-58 propeller:
'I operated this aircraft - propeller - combination for 2200 hours without any problem and wants to thank MT-Propeller for the excellent product and support.'

Customer Feedback of Jim Parran, owner of a Merlin IIB.
I consider myself a strong supporter of your product and philosophy to assist your customers needs to the end.
My old props were well used for almost 40 years and due for at very least one serious overhaul.
Hartzell and McCauley did not want to really talk with me about replacement options so I expanded my search and found you.
I am very glad I did. Your ''can do'' attitude and quality of product is truly amazing. It would be an honor for me to support MT at airshow events when my schedule permits when I start actively flying again.

Thanks to you, Martin, and the entire MT crew for your work on my propellers. I could not be more pleased with their performance and appearance. Happy New Year to you all as well.
Jim Parran - Satisfied customer
Kailua, Hawaii

Customer Feedback of Tom Redman, owner of a C-182K Skylane.

I had an opportunity to fly for 2.5 hours yesterday and knew you would be interested in a little information and my comments regarding my 1967 C-182K Skylane.
As you know it has a stock 0-470 with 270 Hours since Zero Time Rebuild. Rod installed his F. A. T. (Forced Aeromotive Technologies) Supercharger in December and in January, we installed a new (M T) Two Bladed Prop. Before the installs, max climb was about 800- 900 FPM w/ the conditions below.
These two installs have Doubled the ROC.
All I can say is; WOW! With the Supercharger installed it will maintain 28” Hg Manifold Pressure well above 12,000 ft (That’s as high as I’ve flown it since the install).
Since the new Prop install two weeks ago, I haven’t had a lot of flight time, but here are the results from my flights yesterday.

Columbus, NE (OLU) – 1460’ MSL
46-54 Degrees F
Pressure 28.4
420# – 2 Ft Seat Passengers
170# – Baggage Compartment

Max Climb
28” Hg Manifold Pressure
90+ MPH
2650 RPM Prop Speed
Not yet Dynamically Balanced but runs as Smooth as silk
Climbs at 1600 Feet Per Minute on takeoff up to 4,000 ft MSL – (conservative)
This aircraft flies and performs better than other Skylanes I know of (in my very limited experience).
It is even more responsive to the throttle with the new Prop (due to the 19# lighter weight I assume) and much quieter at 2400 RPM or less. One really has to fly it to believe it…

Thank you Gentlemen for the Great Products and Service. This Airplane may turn out to be one of the safest and fastest 182’s around. An ideal Cross Country Aircraft.

My Best Regards,
Tom Redman
Osceola, NE

Can't say enough good things about your 5 blade props on my Merlin IIB.
What an all aspect improvement! I look forward to seeing the final performance numbers from Joseph's analysis but subjective reduction in vibration and interior noise is significant. I am very happy with their quality and appearance as well......

Joseph, Doug Turner and the entire DeLand crew were very courteous, professional, and pleasurable to work with during our time there.
I am very happy with my MT props installation.
Thanks again and looking forward to hearing more from you soon on the certification process.

Best wishes,
Jim Parran - Japan

Super Chipmunk I wanted to thank each of you for all of your time and effort in helping us with the Super Chipmunk.
With the change in the low pitch stop to achieve 2600 RPM as well as the new MT governor and accumulator the plane is performing flawlessly throughout the entire range of it's capabilities.
The accumulator works great - it is impossible to get the propeller to underspeed now even on the longest upline or tumbling pass.
Overall, the MTV-9 is a HUGE improvement of the originally installed prop that we had before.
It literally pulls the plane through the figures and slows the downlines making it MUCH easier to fly a sequence down low and up front.
We have the Indianapolis Air Show middle of August and we will ensure that MT gets credit where it is due.

Best Regards,
Greg Aldridge

Britten-Norman Fleet of 'Divi Divi Air'Picture provided by our customer 'Divi Divi Air' of their Britten-Norman Fleet with the new MT-Props on the Netherlands Antilles.

Lancair IVP...The smoothness is perfect at 2400 and 2700 and only a slight shake at 2500 and 2600, not even enough to worry about...
I also saw 3000 fpm climb at full power from 5K to 8K. The most I have seen, with half fuel and one person.
I also leveled at 12K and did all the rpm's and then set up my normal cruise power 65% or 30/2400 and my IAS was exactly 6 kts faster, just like Martin said it would be.
I showed 192 KIAS for a TAS of 233 on 24 gph, for what it's worth.
And after the flight I took these pictures to show that the super paint job survived without a mark...

Many Thanks,
Jim Hergert

Do228-202(K) in AfricaPicture of a Do228-202(K) with the new MT-Props from our customer Advanced Aviation.
The airplane is in service fot the UN in Africa since mid July 2007.

Bandit with MTV Prop... Got some good numbers going and coming, within a knot or two and 20 rpm of my old prop, which was the absolute best prop I have ever flown.
So, in a word, I love it! I don't fear rain anymore and it looks cool...attached is a pic....see ya!

Rob Ray