Cessna 208 with 5-blade MTV-27 Piper Meridian Engine Conversion PC-12 with 7-blade MTV-47 Twin Mustang with new 4-blade MTV-4 Propeller Cessna 414 with 4-blade MTV-14 Beech King Air 90  with 3-blade MTV-27 Piper PA-23 with 3-blade MTV-12

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EASA STC for Cessna 208 now certified for a power rating up to 950 shp.

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After years of experience with MT Propellers I am nothing but full of praise. I have been operating them all over the world - in all sorts of climate.
In harsh arctic, as well as in desert or tropical environment.
Needless to say, that many runways were either unpaved or non existent.

Performance and reliability has always been outstanding.
The after-sales service and support was excellent.
If light maintenance was due, all that was needed is studying the service book and than do it yourself.
If remote support was needed from far away places like the jungles of Borneo, a ring via SAT Phone brought me in contact with the service engineer - problem solved.

Many thanks to the entire MT team Your props pulled me places ….

Stefan Mommertz N314M / N6275E


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Dear MT!
Here are 2 videos and a photo illustrating the awesomeness of your 5 blade composite props on a KA B200 with Blackhawk engine upgrades.
N826WG tail number. The photo was taken at level flight, 290 knts, 28500 ft. Only 84dB. We can hear the pilots taking now and they can hear us.
We did a ton of noise level measurements that we can send if you want the data. We did the recordings with both a dosimeter as well my iPhone using Decibel X Pro (app) from multiple positions onboard, including the cockpit (before and after installing your props). Long story shortened, your props reduce the ambient noise level in the cabin from 7-9 dB on the “A” scale. Huge difference.

Love them!



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Jetstream 31, MT Propeller Testimonial

Northwestern Air Lease Ltd. has converted our Jetstream 31 to MT propellers and is extremely pleased with the result.
We have found that there is a significant reduction in the noise levels in the cabin and outside the aircraft. Passengers can carry out a normal conversation in the aircraft. The response of the propellers to changes is much quicker with the MT propellers, when pilots select reverse and with the application of power the response is much more positive. We feel that we are seeing a lower fuel consumption and a slight increase in speed with the MT propellers. I would not hesitate to recommend the MT propellers to any operators.

Both the manufacturer, MT Propellers Entwicklung Gmb in Germany and AMK Aviation Inc., the dealer in Ontario have provided outstanding technical support, advice on operating these props and maintenance training. We are very impressed by the support by both the manufacturer and the dealer. We are looking at converting the rest of our fleet as soon as possible.

Brian Harrold Pilot / AME Owner Northwestern Air Lease Ltd.