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XP-82 First Flight

On 31 December 2018, our XP-82 Twin Mustang flew for the first time since 14 December 1949. Although it wasn’t supposed to fly yesterday, all that was planned to do was the last FAA required runway high-speed taxi test, lift off for a second or two and then back down, deploy full flaps and brake to a stop. It accelerated so fast after the planned lift off that Ray, our test pilot, realized that getting it back down and stopping it in the remaining runway would be marginal. So he pushed the power back up and flew for about five minutes.

The unexpected and dramatic acceleration of our XP-82 at 55 inches of manifold pressure occurred because it was approaching three times the horsepower of a single engine Mustang and one and a half times the weight. The XP-82 has 1860 hp each side for total of 3720 hp, compared to 1500 hp for the P-51. Our XP-82 weighs approximately only 1 1/2 times more than a P-51 - 14,700 lbs. compared to 9500 lbs. for the P-51.

The very short gear-down flight showed zero airframe squawks, hands-off no trim required, with all engine temps and pressures normal.

This wonderful test flight came after a 10.5 year restoration encompassing 207,000 labor hours. Many thanks to Ray Fowler, our test pilot and all of the men and women that made this restoration possible.

Your propellers are as smooth as glass, they come up to 3000 rpm on take-off and control throughout all ranges perfectly.

Thank you for your support.
Tom Reilly


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Dear MT!
Here are 2 videos and a photo illustrating the awesomeness of your 5 blade composite props on a KA B200 with Blackhawk engine upgrades.
N826WG tail number. The photo was taken at level flight, 290 knts, 28500 ft. Only 84dB. We can hear the pilots taking now and they can hear us.
We did a ton of noise level measurements that we can send if you want the data. We did the recordings with both a dosimeter as well my iPhone using Decibel X Pro (app) from multiple positions onboard, including the cockpit (before and after installing your props). Long story shortened, your props reduce the ambient noise level in the cabin from 7-9 dB on the “A” scale. Huge difference.

Love them!



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Jetstream 31, MT Propeller Testimonial

Northwestern Air Lease Ltd. has converted our Jetstream 31 to MT propellers and is extremely pleased with the result.
We have found that there is a significant reduction in the noise levels in the cabin and outside the aircraft. Passengers can carry out a normal conversation in the aircraft. The response of the propellers to changes is much quicker with the MT propellers, when pilots select reverse and with the application of power the response is much more positive. We feel that we are seeing a lower fuel consumption and a slight increase in speed with the MT propellers. I would not hesitate to recommend the MT propellers to any operators.

Both the manufacturer, MT Propellers Entwicklung Gmb in Germany and AMK Aviation Inc., the dealer in Ontario have provided outstanding technical support, advice on operating these props and maintenance training. We are very impressed by the support by both the manufacturer and the dealer. We are looking at converting the rest of our fleet as soon as possible.

Brian Harrold Pilot / AME Owner Northwestern Air Lease Ltd.