Piper Meridian PT6A-135A installation

Piper Meridian PT6A-135A installation

MT-Propeller was founded with the idea and passion to create a more efficient and more quiet way of travelling.

Being the leader in propeller design and the only company that holds more than 220 STCs to install the most modern MT-Propellers with up to 7 blades, the engineers and test pilots decided to take the next step and not only certify a more efficient propeller, but also combine it with a more efficient engine.

Piper Meridian engine replacement

Piper Meridian MTV-27

Having ideas how to make aircraft quieter and more efficient, MT-Propeller took the Piper Meridian as a new program, replacing the original PT6A-42A engine with a PT6A-135A engine.

The 5-bladed propeller is mandatory for this STC, but in case the 5-blade Quiet Fan Jet MTV-27 propeller is already installed, it can also be used on this conversion.

Advantages of the engine replacement:


Max. range with max fuel (ISA, MTOW, no wind, one pilot, 45 min fuel reserve)

  • 203 KTAS cruise speed: 1340NM (2479km) @ 30000ft
  • 203 KTAS cruise speed: 1290NM (2387km) @ 28000ft
  • 240 KTAS cruise speed: 1160NM (2146km) @ 28000ft
  • 258 KTAS cruise speed: 960NM (1776km) @ 25000ft

Reduction of Maintenance Costs:

Changing the engine family from the mid-size to the small-size category, makes an impressive difference in operating costs.
Direct cost per mileage will be similar to the PA46-350P Lycoming-powered Mirage, but with a top speed of up to 260 KTAS @ 30,000 ft.

Noise reduction:

The new engine has a speed of 1900 rpm compared to the original speed of 2000 rpm.
The certified outside noise is reduced from the original 74,9 db(A) to 66,9 db(A) for 1.999 kg.
The inside noise has also been reduced.

The MT-Propeller STC Kit contains the following parts:

  • 1 new engine P&W PT6A-135A
  • 1 new propeller MTV-27-()/CFR203-58d
  • 1 new set of exhaust pipes
  • 1 new set of airbox parts
  • 1 new bracket set for the engine power control interface

No included but minimum needed: The Garmin EIS System

Piper Meridian MTV-27