MT-Propeller Spinner

Standard Composite Spinner

The spinner dome is a single piece part made from fiber reinforced composite (Kevlar®), which replaces the spin formed aluminum alloy used in the earlier days.

It is extremely crack resistant as well as very light and free of any structural corrosion, which basically gives the spinner dome an unlimited life time.

The bulkheads are made from spin formed or die forged aluminum alloy.
The front bulkhead is seen as a part of the hub assembly (variable pitch propellers) and also used as attachment point for static balancing weights.
Filler plates increase the stiffness of the dome around the cutouts for the blades. The dome is attached to the bulkhead with stainless steel spinner screws.

Composite Spinners are available for every MT-Propeller model and come usually painted in white color, but they can also be custom painted to fit exactly to the aircraft.

Composite Spinner
MT-Propeller Composite Spinner