MT-Propellers for Vintage Aircraft

Buecker 133 and Boing Stearman with MT-Propeller
Buecker 133 and Boing Stearman
with MT-Propeller

Flugwerk Focke Wulf Replica with MT-Propeller
Flugwerk Focke Wulf Replica
with MT-Propeller

Thunder Mustang with MT-Propeller
Thunder Mustang with MT-Propeller

Propeller for Vintage Airplanes

MT-fixed pitch or constant speed propeller can be designed for nearly every vintage or replica airplane.

Our fixed pitch propellers and the propeller blades of our constant speed propellers are built in natural composite design, by using high compressed thin layered laminated beech wood, which has a similar tensile strength as steel, in the root section and selected lightweight laminated spruce wood in the remaining part of the blade.

Some special vintage designs may have plywood reinforced blades.

Usually a stainless steel or brass metal leading edge is installed as protection against erosion.
A two tone finish with clear coat paint is optionally available for fixed pitch propellers.

Also available are EASA and FAA certified vintage 2 bladed 5400 ground adjustable aluminum MT-Propeller with a steel hub to be installed on a SAE No. 20 or 30 Spline engine flange.

It is a direct replacement for the HamStand Ground Adjustable propeller used on the Ford Tristar, Stearmans and many more. are built to the highest standard in the industry from hand-selected multiple laminated German ash wood.

Vintage Aircraft with Ground Adjustable MT-Propeller
Vintage Aircraft with
ground adjustable aluminum MT-Propeller

P-51 with  4 blade Propeller MTV-4-1
Twin Mustang-F82 with  4 blade Propeller MTV-4-1
Twin Mustang FB2

First-ever new Warbird Propeller for spline #50 engines up to 2200 hp certified by MT-Propeller

The new 4-bladed MT-Propeller is certified for the use on the Twin Mustang F82 and was initially installed there, but it can be also installed on the P51.

  • The power rating is certified up to 2200 shp.
  • The propeller looks like the original classic propeller, but the blades are made of the MT natural composite material with an aluminum hub and a steel pline adapter for the #50 spline.
  • These blades are certified and tested for unlimited life.
  • Several propellers have already been manufactured.